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Nordic News

October 2002


The following are the dates for the Speakers Series 2002-2003 season. Please remember to keep these dates open. Speakers to be confirmed.

Thursday, 24 October, 2002 - Dan Harris
Thursday, 21 November, 2002 - Movie night
Thursday, 20 February, 2003
Thursday, 20 March, 2003
Thursday, 17 April, 2003
Thursday, 15 May (AGM), 2003

The location for the Speakers Series is still the Army Officers Mess (Infantry Room, downstairs)

149 Somerset West,
Ottawa, ON K2P 0H7
Phone: (613)236-0186

Coffee at a charge of $2 will follow the presentation; cash bar. There is free parking for about 20 cars in the parking area beside the mess.



Following the Annual General Meeting held on 23 May, 2002 the new board for the Canadian Nordic Society was elected. The members are as follows:

Ms Jesslyn Mullaney; President
Ms Ida Capern; First Vice-President
Mr. David Murray; Second Vice-President
Ms Kristina Wade; Recording Secretary
Ms Kelly Dorcas; Treasurer
Mr. Per Olav Talgoy; Councillor
Ms Anne Morris; Councillor
Mr. Ahti Tolvanen; Councillor

Thank you to Adam Napke, Kathy Bergquist, Aud Karin Sund, and Victoria Jull who served on the previous board. We hope to see you at future events!

We extend a warm welcome our new President, Jesslyn Mullaney, Second Vice President David Murray and two new councillors, Ann Morris and Ahti Tolvanen. The Board is truly fortunate that these talented people, all well experienced in working with various organizations, accepted positions to work on our programming and events this year.

The CNS Board welcomes the participation of all members in the management of the CNS and in all of our society's communications. If you have ideas or submissions for the newsletter or the web site, we'd love to hear from you!

Talk to a board member, or e-mail the Webmaster at

In your newsletter you will find a copy of our new brochure. Please pass it on to someone who might be interested in joining the CNS.


Speakers Series Presentation

October 24th, 2002
Dan Harris, a founding member of the Canadian Nordic Society, will be giving a presentation called the "Saga of The Great Crown". Mr. Harris will provide the history of the ship the "The Great Crown". Through the use of video and slides, Mr. Harris will describe the salvage operations for "The Great Crown" that have been ongoing for approximately 20 years.

Monday, November 25, 2002 - Chistmas Lunch, Army Officers Mess
Contact Ida Capern for tickets at 828-7899. Tickets are $12 per person.
Compete turkey dinner with apple pie for dessert.


Please note: for the most up to date information on events around town, please check our website at

Friday, October 18, 2002, 7:30 p.m.

National Gallery Auditorium, Ottawa
The Friends of Iceland invite you to attend a concert featuring two internationally renowned Icelandic musicians: Pianist, Guððridur St. Sigurððardóóttir and Mezzo Soprano, Inga Jonsdottir. The concert will feature classical, folk,and contemporary selections in Icelandic, Swedish, German, French, and English. Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased by contacting Fay Hjartarson at (819) 827-0177 or Gerry Einarsson at (613) 824-2468

Club Night - Danish Club
Friday, September 20, 2002 7:30 p.m.
Location: HMCS Carleton (Dow's Lake), Officer's Mess

Harvest Church Service - Danish Club
October 6
Time: 15:00
Location: St. John's Lutheran Church, 272 Crichton Street

Annual General Meeting- Danish Club
Date: Friday October 18th
Time: 19:30
Location: HMCS Carleton (Dow's Lake), Chief and Petty Officer's Mess

Danish Bazaar - Danish Club
Date: Saturday November 16th
Time: 11:00 am
Location: Lakeside Gardens, Brittania

The Canadian Children's Museum
The Canadian Children's Museum is going to be launching a new exhibit called "Kid's Celebrate". This exhibit shows the importance of celebration to communities and how its members express their identities through particular celebrations. Celebrations are perceived, in many instances, as a simple expression of joy or excitement or an opportunity for friends and families to gather, have fun, and enjoy one another. They are however, a connection to ancient traditions. Through the annual repetition of custom and ceremony, celebrations are the link to a family's past or the history of a larger community. The exhibit Kids Celebrate! will provide a joyful and gentle opportunity for visitors to learn more about the rich traditions of cultures other than their own as they will be introduced to the Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Chinese and Christian celebrations. The exhibit is designed to broaden the cultural experiences of children through the establishment of a creative space and programming in which to learn about the world. We couldn't touch on every celebration therefore we've made it our mandate to have other communities come to the Museum and showcase their heritage.

In order to help launch this exhibit, the Museum would like to invite all types of communities to come in and share with our visitors their culture and help celebrate this exhibit, a first of it's kind. The Museum is looking for assistance from various communities in order to showcase performances but also other types of activities such as food and crafts during the months of October, November and December 2002.

In November and December The Canadian Children's Museum is offering the following celebrations:
* Christmas ornaments (Nov. 23 & 24). This weekend workshops will showcase various cultural Christmas tree ornaments. The workshop will be offered 4 times a day on both days and will feature guest artists to help animate the activity.
* Santa Lucia (Nov. 30th & Dec. 1)
* Gingerbread traditions (Dec. 7 & 8)

October 5, 2002, Festival de musique sacréé de l'Outaouais
The closing of the "Festival de musique sacréée de l'Outaouais" in Gatineau (Quebec) and the Vikings exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization will be marked by a gala concert on October 5 dedicated to an all-Swedish program performed by The Cantata Singers of Ottawa, the Canzone Choir of Winnipeg, the Orchestre des concerts symphoniques de Gatineau and soloists led by Swedish conductor Professor Erik Westberg. Among the highlights of the concert will be the Swedish Mass by Johan Helmich Roman, written in the mid-1700s.

October 11-17, 2002, Nordic Film Festival, Ottawa
The "Viking celebrations" in Ottawa will also include a Nordic Film Festival at the ByTowne Cinema on Rideau Street, October 11-17. The festival will feature recent releases from all five Nordic countries. Watch for details at each film will only be screened once!

October 9, 2002, the National Archives, Ottawa
Scandinavian Roots - American Lives Presents an Evening with Nordic Immigration Films. The program for the evening is as follows:

6:00 pm.: The Immigrant Trail (Norway)
Intermission (10 min)
6:30 pm.: Sointula (Finland)
Intermission (10 min)
7:40 pm: New Icelandic Saga (Iceland)
Intermission (10 min)
8:00 pm.: Flash of a Dream (Denmark)
9:00 pm.: Wine


Visit by The Norwegian King and Queen
On Monday, 6 May 02, the King and Queen of Norway landed in Ottawa to start their State visit to Canada. Monday afternoon, they were present at the Norwegian Ambassador's residence, to greet each member of the Norwegian community at a reception. Each person presented themselves and shook hands with the King and Queen, as well as Ambassador Havnen and his wife.

The Royal Norwegian Air Force flew 58 Norwegian veterans and their wives to Canada from Norway in a Hercules C-130 fitted with airliner style seats. They landed and stayed overnight in St. John's, Nfld, on Sat. 4 May 02 and arrived at Gravenhurst Airport Sunday, 5 May 02. The Consulate General in Toronto organized a wine and cheese reception at the Bracebridge Legion on Monday night. Tuesday morning, the veterans were divided into pairs and were driven to different schools throughout the region by Legion members to talk to various classes. I was able to accompany 2 veterans that visited 2 classes at Huntsville High School. The veterans told the students how they escaped from Norway, their time in Little Norway and their return overseas. The students asked numerous questions about their war experiences.

The Huntsville Legion then hosted the veterans for lunch. After lunch, the group visited the rest camp Vesle Skaugum site on Oxbow Lake, NE of Huntsville. It is now the Olympia sports camp, a private children's camp. There is still a couple of the original log buildings left, as well as the fireplace in the main lodge. That evening, a dinner was held at the Bracebridge fairgrounds. There were 450 people attending, and was started off with a pipe and drum band and Legion colour party. Many dignitaries were in attendance, including the Norwegian Consul General from Toronto, Eivind Hoff.

The next morning dawned bright and sunny, a welcome change from the cloudy, rainy weather that had prevailed earlier in the week. There were 1000 people present at the Muskoka Airport for the Royal visit, either assembled in the large aircraft hangar or marching in the band. The Skyways Refinishing hangar was decorated with flags and banners. A local children's and men's choir was keeping the crowd entertained with Norwegian songs when the King's Dash 8 touched down right on time at 09:30, with 2 CF-18 fighters about 1/4 mile behind. The fighters kicked off the celebrations with a bang as they applied full power and flew over the airfield as the Dash 8 was landing. The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario had landed earlier in a charter aircraft. The King's aircraft was met with a full colour party and pipe and drum band. After entering the hangar in a procession, there were many speeches by local dignitaries, reps from the federal and provincial governments and the King and Queen. The King departed at 11:00 for meetings and a State dinner for the veterans in Toronto.

Submitted by Per Olav Talgoy

Midsommar 2002
A glorious summer day brought together five Nordic countries for a celebration of Nordic Midsommar Fest at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC), Hull Quebec. The setting was "Nordic perfect" - blue skies, drifting white clouds, flowing waters of the Ottawa River and a background of a traditional Swedish Maypole fronting on the magnificent architecture of the CMC. Icelandic sheep and ponies grazed by the river. Visitors in colourful national costumes mingled through the crowds of people.

An exceptional variety of music, indicative of the wishes of these nations, dominated the programming. To open the formal events, a wonderful choir, Allmääna Sangen from Uppsala university, presented in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden and MDS Nordion, a concert of fine choral music. The raising of the Maypole brought forward a spirited crowd led by Louise Hannant to perform traditional dances around it, and the Uppsala choir members with their joyful voices and enthusiasm joined in the dance. The voices of the Ottawa Finnish Singers drifted across the late afternoon breezes with the beautiful melodies of traditional Finnish songs. The Lingonberries, a Swedish a capella quartet followed by Lindy with Icelandic Pop performed for the pleasure of diners and those in line to dine.

As the evening settled peacefully on the festival site, the crowd, sipping drinks spread out to the patios and other seating areas, to listen to the music and some to dance. The Danish inspired blues band (Frihaven) provided a mellow, musical background. To close this memorable evening, Leo Niemi and Eric Kinnos (Sudbury) performed a medley of Nordic songs, polkas, and tangos to the accompaniment of accordion music.

Thank you all for making this memorable event such a great success!

Submitted by Ida Capern

"One memory of the event which stands out in my mind is of the young people from the Uppsala choir spontaneously joining in the singing and the dancing and keeping it going even after the official program ended. They were beautifully energetic, sounded amazing and added a bit of zing to the whole thing." -Kathy Bergquist

"I will never forget that as I ate salmon on the terrace overlooking the Parliament, the tables behind me suddenly erupted in beautiful a capella singing by the visiting choir from Sweden. Their presentation in the afternoon was a delight. Their uninhibited, robust singing during their dinner for the pure joy of song was ambrosia to my ears. I wasn't born Nordic, but I'm sure glad I married into a culture with such love for music!" - Ed Ellis

"We must do this again! Celebrate Midsommar Fest together - all of us - let's start planning for next year!" Voiced by a number of Board members from Canadian Friends of Finland, Canadian Friends of Iceland, the Danish Club and the CNS.

Check our website at for more excellent photos of Sommarfest, you may find yourself in one of them!


Scandinavian Folk Dance! Come join the adult Scandinavian Folk Dance group! We meet and dance every second Tuesday of the month, at 7:30 p.m., at the home of Enid Robins-Holm and Finn Holm, 52 Castleton Street, Nepean (Ottawa). Folk dance is easy to learn and fun to do! For more information call Gösta Edvardsson at 226-2356.

The CNS acknowledges the generous assistance over the past years from Nina Lepage in organizing the purchase of prizes for the fish pond and staffing it at the Lucia Fest. Regrettably she is leaving us this year to devote her assistance to her children's school concert. She has kindly offered to meet her successor and instruct her in the preparation for setting up a pond for Lucia. We thank Nina for all of the time she has given us and wish her well in her new endeavours.

Urgently Needed Volunteers for Lucia!
In order that the Lucia Fest may be held, we absolutely have to find three volunteers. Both Louise Hannant and Nina Lepage, who can no longer continue their support, have graciously offered to train their replacements.

Louise Hannant suggested that we find 2 people to train for the Lucia Parade, one to lead it and a second to assist, hopefully a 2 year commitment. Then next year bring in 2 more people to train for the following 2years, etc. if needed, so that the Lucia presentation will continue onward through the years. Louise has agreed to attend the first two practices (she has a contact at Lindenlea Community Centre for booking practice space for 2 weekends at latter part of November). A rehearsal will be held at Christ Church Cathedral, December 1st, 1 - 3 p.m., the Lucia Fest follows on December 7th.

Volunteers Needed:
Wonderful news! Stella Ellis has already stepped up to volunteer her assistance to organize the Lucia Fest, the Lucia Parade and to lead the singing. Such a gift of time and talent, THANK YOU, Stella Ellis and Anne Morris for offering to assist.

Now needed:
1 person, male or female for Lucia, to assist and train for this and next year.
1 person, male or female to organize a fish pond, tickets and buy the prizes, (there is a budget available for this). Nina Lepage has offered to orient a new volunteer to the process and explain how to go about this. Also needed are volunteer children for the parade. Children are welcome to bring their friends and any child in the community who would like to be involved. It is a learning experience of a wonderful Christmas tradition in Sweden.

Canadian Nordic Society Board Members:

Ms. Jesslyn Mullaney; President
Ms. Ida Capern; First Vice-President
Mr. Dave Murray; Second Vice-President
Ms. Kristina Wade; Recording Secretary
Ms. Kelly Dorcas; Treasurer
Mr. Per Olav Talgoy; Councillor
Ms. Anne Morris; Councillor
Mr. Ahti Tolvanen; Councillor

Please note that the new membership year started in May and that the 2002-2003 memberships are now due.


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