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The Board members would like to apologize for any inconvenience  caused  by our submission of an incorrect return address on the blue brochure.  All brochures and the master copy have now been corrected and we thank the people who drew the error to our attention.

The following are the dates for the Speakers Series 2002-2003 season. Please remember to keep these dates open. Speakers to be confirmed.
Thursday, 21 November, 2002 - Movie night
Thursday, 20 February, 2003
Thursday, 20 March, 2003
Thursday, 17 April, 2003
Thursday, 15 May (AGM), 2003

Canadian Nordic Society Events

Movie Night, Army Officers Mess, 149 Somerset Street West
November 21, 2002
Movie title to be announced, please be there for 7:30 p.m.
Christmas Luncheon, Army Officers Mess, 149 Somerset Street West
November 25, 2002
Please join us for our Christmas luncheon. There will be a mix and mingle starting at 11:30 a.m. with lunch being served at 12:00 p.m. Lunch consists of a complete turkey dinner with all the trimmings and apple pie for desert. Tea and coffee is included. Tickets are $12 per person. For reservation please contact Ida Capern at 828-7899 or e-mail at No on site parking available.

Lucia Celebration, Christ Church Cathedral, Sparks St. & Bronson Ave.
December 7, 2002
We are happy to announce that tickets for our annual Lucia Celebration are now on sale.

Winter Luncheon, Army Officers Mess, 149 Somerset Street West
January 21, 2003
Coming in the New Year, everyone is welcome to attend our Winter Luncheon. Lunch will be a choice of the buffet at a cost of $8.50 or the light lunch at a cost of $4.50 per person. Please note that parking is not available at the Mess during daytime hours.


Midsommar Fest, Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, Quebec
June 2002
Due to the lack of space in our last newsletter, the CNS wishes to further acknowledge the following participants for their special support in making this festival such a success!
Adam Napke, Gerry Einarsson, and Per Olav Talgoy for locating and installing the finest Midsommar pole ever on the museum grounds. To Kathy Bergquist and her decorating committee for superbly dressing the pole in its finery of colourful blossoms and foliage. To the Scandinavian Folk Dancers in their beautiful national dress for sharing their talents in the performance of their cultural dances and helping lead the public in a vigorous dance around the Midsommar pole.
Finally we would like to thank the Museum of Civilization for providing the venue for this wonderful event which gave all Nordic countries an opportunity to celebrate Midsommar together in a such perfect setting!
Mr. Dan Harris
To launch the 2002-2003 Speakers Series, the Canadian Nordic Society was proud to have Founding Member and Honorary President Mr. Dan Harris speak on Nordic Marine History. His profound knowledge on this subject was instantly evident in his detailed recanting of the last fateful voyage of Swedish Naval Man-of-War, the Kronan. Mr. Harris discussed the construction of this impressive, though ill-fated, vessel by British ship builders in the 2nd half of the 17th Century. Along with a short film and slides, Mr. Harris was able to raise this vessel from her watery grave, at least in the imaginations of his audience.
Sweden was warring with Denmark over Baltic superiority. And, in the course of events, the Danes with their Dutch allies met the Swedish fleet. Disaster struck the Swedish Navy on June 1, 1676 even before the Battle of Öland had commenced. Misunderstanding on the part of Admiral Lorentz Creutz (an untrained seaman appointed by King Carl XI Gustav), the taking on of water, improper ballasting and the dislodging of the cannons, gunpowder and lanterns all contributed to the grand explosion and subsequent sinking of the Kronan. It is said that roughly 800 souls perished in this, the greatest naval disaster in Swedish history.

In the 1980's Anders Franzén, famed for locating the Vasa in Stockholm Harbour, rediscovered the final resting place of the Kronan. This grand scale Marine Archaeological project continues today with the hopes of raising the hull and other remains, to be housed in its own museum.

Submitted by Kelly Dorcas

Scandinavian Folk Dancers

The dance group, the Scandinavian Folk Dancers, was started in 1977 by 4 couples of Scandinavian descent. As the group's activities became known to the Scandinavians in Ottawa, others joined the group and the group received requests to perform at various functions throughout the Capital Area. The emphasis of the group was and still is to have fun dancing and to share the traditional Scandinavian dances with others and show off the traditional costumes. The size of the group has varied throughout the years with members representing Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

In the past The Scandinavian Folk Dancers have performed at the Homelands Festivals sponsored by the Ottawa Folk Arts Council, National Museum of Man, National Arts Centre, The Canadian Nordic Society, the Danish Clubs in Ottawa, Kingston and Montreal, as well as local Retirement Homes and lately the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Submitted by Kerstin Manders

The Scandinavian Folk Dancers are looking for more participants and hopefully for some young people to join in so that the traditional dances can be passed on from one generation to another. Make this a project for the coming year and join in the fun--bring your friends!

For more information call Gösta Edvardsson at 226-2356.

Santa Lucia Practices

EVERYONE is invited to join in the fun of the Canadian Nordic Society's Santa Lucia Procession-- you need not be Swedish! Just come to the practices and learn the songs and you can be part of the pageantry on December 7th! For more information please call Stella Ellis, the Lucia Festival Coordinator, at 8222-8510.

The dates for the Lucia rehearsals are as follows:

The Carleton Heights Community Centre is located at 1665 Apeldoorn, off Prince of Wales Drive, west on Meadowlands, south on Apeldoorn.

Presenting the Canadian Nordic Society's annual participatory


Saturday, December 7th, 2002
Christ Church Cathedral, at Sparks Street and Bronson Avenue, Ottawa
Doors open to the public at 6:00 p.m., and the Lucia train will begin at 7:p.m., sharp.

Come and celebrate the winter solstice and enjoy the beauty, the music and the legend of this ancient tradition.

We invite you to take part in singing and dancing around the Christmas tree, feasting on Scandinavian sweets, and drink to quench the thirst.

There will be visiting with friends, games for the children, a fish pond, and door prizes to delight you!

Donations of baked goods for our refreshment table would be much appreciated!

Please note that a large order of Danish baking will be provided for sale at cost of the purchase of the goods and delivery from Toronto.

Admission for all children is free!
Adult members (18 years and over): $10:00
Adult non-members(18 years and over): $15:00

Santa Lucia celebration is always a popular event so to avoid disappointment we recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance!

Please mail cheques to:
The Canadian Nordic Society
1620 Scott Street
P.O. Box 64126
Holland Cross Building
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4V1


In and Around Town

The Canadian Film Institute presents it's 17th annual European Union Film Festival. The 2002 EU Film Festival offers 15 Ottawa premieres of films from all 15 European Union member states. Presented in collaboration with the National Archives of Canada, the European Union member states, and the Delegation of the European Commission in Canada. All screenings at 395 Wellington Street - National Archives Auditorium
November, 23, 7:30 p.m.
2002, 105 min. Dir./Rééal.: Annette K. Olesen
A suprisingly droll, entertaining comedy-drama about a family dealing with an unexpected death. When John's wife of 46 years is killed while crossing the street, his three children (all now adults with troubles of their own) and his lazy brother come together to try to help John muddle through. With its echoes of Mike Leigh and fine balance of humour and pathos, MINOR MISHAPS is a marvelous debut film from director Annette K. Olesen which was also in Official Competition at the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival. This screening will feature a special guest appearance by the film's producer, Ib Tardini. English sub-titles.
November 28, 7:30 p.m.
2000, 108 min. Dir./Rééal.: Taru Määkelää
Set in World War II, LITTLE SISTER is a moving tale about love and loyalty. In 1941, when the Finnish army advances in Eastern Karelia. Katri becomes a volunteer nurse at a military hospital. There she meets Arvo, a poetry-reciting lumberjack from the north. He has been wounded in the head and claims to know Katri. Katri seems not to believe Arvo but deep down, she just might. At the same time Katri's childhood friend Eero is sending her love letters from the front. When Eero returns to Helsinki as a deserter, Katri must choose between Arvo and Eero. English sub-titles.
November 29, 7:30 p.m.
2000, 98 min. Dir./Rééal.:Roy Andersson
A clerk is fired; a lost immigrant is attacked in a busy street; a magician makes an error in his act; the entire city is caught in a massive traffic jam. Out of these and other episodes, Roy Andersson's stunningly original song explores the state of things at the beginning of the new millennium. An international festival favourite, this unique, unusual drama weaves these and other vignette and interconnected stories into a perceptive and often poetic examination of modern life. English sub-titles.


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